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Bare Wire Thermocouples

Since day one, Pyro Service has delivered high quality, reliable thermocouples. Still, we continue to stock a multitude of bare and insulated thermocouple wires in several gages as well as various sheath protected mineral insulated thermocouple materials in several calibration and various diameters. With numerous styles and calibrations on hand we are capable of responding to your emergency needs swiftly. As anestablished leader in the field of temperature measurement, Pyro Service continues to develop with the demands of an evolving industry, reacting with advances in purity and stability of raw materials in order to deliver the highest quality product.

All of Pyro Services thermocouples are manufactured in house.Please give us a call with any questions regarding your current or a desired replacement thermocouple.

Bare Wire Style Thermocouples

  • Multiple gages available to suit your application Wire
    • #6ga #8ga #11ga #14ga
  • Various calibration types
    • Type ‘K’ ‘J’ and ‘N’ Thermocouples
  • Assortment of insulation options
    • Round
    • Oval
    • Individual Wire insulation
  • Terminalstyles to fit your application
    • Standard 1-1/2” Bare lead
    • Ceramic block terminals
    • Available with aluminum, iron, explosion proof head in protection tube assemblies
  • Hot Junction Styles
    • Butt weld
    • Twisted and welded