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Calibration Services

Pyro Service Company is qualified and capable of accommodating all of your temperature, time and humidity calibration requirements -- offering services in conformance with our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation. Calibration ToolWe aim to not only meet but exceed your individual requirements in systems measurement, maintenance, calibration as well as certification in accordance with several industry standards, including AMS 2750D and BAC5621K. Practicing a variety of on-site and in house calibration methods determined by your unique application, Pyro Service technicians utilize equipment routinely calibrated within strict tolerances in order to deliver the most accurate and reliable service possible.



Calibration Services
Calibration Bench

  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys (Batch Ovens, Retort Furnaces)
  • Process Temperature Profiles (Belt Furnaces, Automated Hardener and Quench systems)
  • Portable and bench thermocouple thermometers and calibrators (Fluke, Tegam,Extech, Omega, etc.)
  • Temperature control instrumentation (On-site, Off-site)
  • Temperature recording instrumentation (On-site, Off-site)
  • Time control and monitoring instrumentation.
  • System Accuracy Testing
  • Hygrometer and Humidity Chamber Testing
  • Thermocouple Calibration and Certification