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  • Repair & Replacement
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Repair & Replacement

Repair Service

Regardless of make or model we strive to provide reliable and rapid repair services. Pyro Service Company offers repair and replacement services on a variety of electrical and mechanical equipment and instrumentation.Including services involving:

  • Mechanical valve actuator motorsRepairs & Replacement
  • Flame Safeguard controls
    • Flame Rods
    • UV scanners
  • Ignition Transformers
    • Ignition Cable
    • Spark Igniters
  • Flow switches and Pressure safety switches
  • Heraus Electro-Nite instrument parts/replacement and repairs
  • Digital and Analog Process Control Instrumentation
    • Process Controls (temperature, humidity, dew-point, carbon%)
    • Safety Shut Offs and Limits (temperature, humidity, dew-point, carbon%)
    • Process recording instruments (temperature, humidity, dew-point, carbon%)
  • Portable measurement and calibration units (Fluke, Tegam, Extech, Omega, etc.)
  • On-site troubleshooting and system repair.